ZKProof Standards Workshops

The ZKProof Standardization effort is leading the process of standardizing zero knowledge proofs.

  1. The 1st ZKProof Standards Workshop - Boston, May 2018
  2. The 2nd ZKProof Standards Workshop - Berkeley, April 2019

  4. The 3rd ZKProof Standards Workshop - London, UK, April 2020

ZKProof Community Events

The ZKProof Community Events are more focused on reviewing the state-of-the-art of the field, from use-cases, to developer tools, to latest research publications.

  1. ZKProof Community Event 2019 - Amsterdam, October 2019

Advanced Cryptography Standardization (ACS)

As a way to bring the different cryptography standardization efforts together and to collaborate, we jointly started the Advanced Cryptography Standardization workshops.

  1. ACS'19 - Crypto 19 at Santa Barbara, August 2019

Zcon by the Zcash Foundation

So far, every Zcash Foundation conference, we hosted a workshop where we discussed the latest progress in the ZKProof effort.

  1. ZKProof follow-up at Zcon0 - Montreal, June 2018
  2. ZKProof Workshop at Zcon1 and the Unconference meeting on zkProgrammability- Croatia, June 2019

Get in touch with us if you would like to participate, help plan or be a sponsor to the effort and future events. We encourage researchers, developers, practitioners, businessmen and women, and others to join us, get involved and contribute to the effort.